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Welcome WEE's 2020 Lead Ambassador

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Sonia Hassey

Meet our Lead WEE Global Live Ambassador

President- Founder

Destiny Women Global Leadership

Specializing in how to effectively communicate the best version for changemakers by building transparency, likability, credibility, and influence in a virtual community. READ MORE

Meet our Ambassadors

Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live Ambassador's are living expressions of vision, dreams, and leadership to transform the communities they live in to empower women, girls, and allies. 

Help us applaud them as they lead the charge for 2020's year of the Woman's Global Agenda for change.


We promote:
Diversity –Equity-Inclusion


We are a Global Community for Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Changemakers.
This platform fosters community, actively facilitating collaboration, creating a team culture, and helping women leaders to unite and build community spirit. Our goal is to support, develop, motivate, and engage women leaders to create positive change and impact in our communities, cities, and nations.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way women leaders make connections by making it a welcoming place where there is no intimidation. We are creating a safe place for a global sisterhood incubator for courageous conversations, authenticity, and leadership/personal growth that enables opportunity, solutions, and positive change. Thus, advancing and elevating role models in business at every level and across a diverse range of industries and sectors.
Core Values: Integrity, community engagement, inspiring action, respect, support, positivity, diversity, equity, inclusion.



  • This platform is to create solutions and positive change for women and allies all around the world.

  • Healthy boundaries: stay in your lane and meeting people where they are and allowing the space for dialogue with respect to everyone's truth with mutual respect. 

  • Respect, respect, R-E-S-P-E-C-T! We are a global community and every region, space, and individual perspective is his/ her own. Agree to disagree if it is beyond this space to solve, and always strive for unified solutions.  

  • Be aware and conscious if you are taking too much space. Step back and step in when necessary. 

  • Negativity, or personal attacks on any person, leader, organization, or any business whatsoever, yet this doesn’t mean we do not address difficult or critical conversations. We are, however, purposeful on the goal of solutions supporting diversity.  

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